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2023 Christmas Decor Home Tour!


Step into a holiday wonderland as we embark on a festive journey through my 2023 Christmas Decor Home Tour. Each room is a testament to the enchantment of the season, meticulously adorned with sparkling lights, whimsical themes, and an abundance of holiday joy. Join me as we explore themed rooms that each capture the essence of Christmas magic in their own unique way; from the sugary sweet delights of the Candy Land Bedroom, the nostalgic charm of the Traditional Christmas Living Room, the pinkmas glam closet, to the gingerbread-filled bakery kitchen––each room makes this season extra magical. Unveil the unique stories behind each space and discover how they come together to create a symphony of festive cheer.

Watch the FULL 2023 Christmas Decor Home Tour on YouTube here!

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cute corgi mix dog sleeping on christmas bed

pinkmas candy land bedroom pink tree

Candy Land Bedroom 🍭

The CandyLand Bedroom welcomes you to a sweet retreat filled with pink cashmere treats and delightful confectionaries.

pink candy land christmas tree sprinkle snowflake tree topper

Imagine a Pastel paradise with a sweet pink tree standing tall, adorned with sugary ornaments that’ll make you hungry.

candyland christmas decor theme nutcracker standing in front pink christmas tree

We also hung some confectionaries from the ceiling with invisible fishing string, creating a whimsical touch that elevates the room's enchantment and charm.


Hello Kitty Bathroom 🎀

Enter the Hello Kitty Bathroom, a playful haven that pays homage to the charming world of Hello Kitty and Friends. I’ve loved Hello Kitty since I was little, so she was overdue to have her own theme somewhere in my home. One of my best friends I’ve known since 3rd grade shared this love (ahem, obsession?) with me; we would go to the Sanrio store together every weekend to spend our hard-earned allowance on the latest notebooks and pens.

I found some Hello Kitty Christmas gift bags and put them in frames, sprinkled dishes and cups, and added the star of the show on top of our cabinet.

Even the smallest details, such as using Christmas gift bags as wall decor and hanging twinkling lights, made everything come together so beautifully.

The decor whimsically captures the essence of nostalgic Hello Kitty, transforming this space into a delightful wonderland.

Pinkmas Closet 💖

The Pinkmas Closet is a time capsule embracing the retro allure of the 1950s, a closet that Barbie herself would be proud to call her own.

Adorned with pink Santas and vintage charm, this space encapsulates the essence of pinkmas with its pastel delights, sparkling ornaments, and an elegant touch of glamor. It's a vintage-inspired haven that celebrates the timeless allure of pinkmas.

From pink Santa Clauses, a beautiful pink Christmas carousel, to ornate pink trees, I curated every piece in this closet for over a year to make this beauty come to life.

This is the ultimate glam pink haven that every Christmas girly girl needs!

Traditional Christmas Living Room 🎅

Step back in time as you enter the Traditional Christmas Living Room, evoking nostalgia from the 1950s. Embrace the cozy ambiance created by nostalgic Santas, multicolored lights, and the gleaming tinsel.

Every piece of Christmas decor within our living room contains a memory from childhood and holidays enjoyed throughout the years. In order to stay true to the traditional Christmas theme, we stuck to a color palette of rich reds and deep forest greens throughout the room. Gold is also sprinkled throughout as our accent color and is displayed through warm string lights, the vintage star on the tree, and tinsel throughout.

The 8 foot tree is the focal point of the room and each of the ornaments are vintage-themed, which really brings the theme of the room to life.

Our little stocking corner is especially cozy and completely ready for Santa's visit. Cookies and milk are already out for him. The milk jar is actually SIGNED by Rae Dunn when I went to a book signing a few years ago, so Santa should be impressed. The large twinkling stars on the walls create such a warm and inviting space and really compliment the room's overall color palette.

Additionally, the long garland hanging around the windows is about five 7-ft. nearly natural garlands from Kirklands. They were the closest to the real thing that I've ever seen and they sell out fast every year. This space echoes cherished memories and heartwarming traditions, inviting you to immerse yourself in the spirit of the season.

Santa's Cozy Bakery Kitchen 🍪

Experience the heartwarming aroma of Santa's Cozy Bakery Kitchen, a gingerbread wonderland filled with festive delights.

Discover a food-themed tree, traditional and pastel gingerbread houses, and a charming coffee bar. Since this is Santa's Bakery Kitchen, we needed to feature the North Pole, so Santa can have a short commute back home after he finishes baking for the day.

We've included a snowman blow mold and white sugary gingerbread houses on top of the cabinets in this corner. To top everything off, we added a bunch of whimsical lights throughout for that added snowy effect.

This culinary-inspired space celebrates holiday treats and brings the essence of a bakery-inspired Christmas to life.

As we conclude our magical tour through the festive wonderlands of my home, I hope this journey has sparked your own holiday creativity and filled your heart with joy. May these images filled with sugary allure and cozy nostalgia inspire warmth and merriment in your own celebrations. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a season filled with love, laughter, and the magic of Christmas. Thank you for joining me on this festive adventure, and may your holiday season be merry and bright!

Stay tuned for more Christmas decorating ideas, and follow me on Instagram (@FabLittleDish) for exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Unwrap the magic of the festive season with us!


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