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2023 Halloween Decor Home Tour


Prepare to be bewitched by a spine-tingling transformation. Dive into my Halloween-themed home makeover, where I've sprinkled vintage charm and whimsy throughout every room. Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays (it’s honestly tied with Christmas!), so I like to do something a little different to raise the bar each year. This year, however, is my favorite year because I didn’t leave a corner untouched and I incorporated themes for every room, which I absolutely don’t regret.

Watch the full Halloween home decor tour on YouTube here!

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This will be an overview post, but I’ll be diving into each theme in separate upcoming posts. As the month unfolds, stay tuned for our Halloween blog post series, taking over the Decor section throughout October. I’m also in the process of filming new YouTube videos for the new channel and will be sure to link them here when ready! So, my fellow Halloween aficionados, prepare to be captivated and inspired. Whether you're drawn to vintage elegance, glamorous pink, or the allure of bewitching witches, there's something here to ignite the Halloween spirit within you. Let your imagination run wild, as you embark on this spooktacular journey through our Halloween wonderland.



Kitchen: Vintage Halloween & Whimsical Decor

Step into my kitchen, where the magic begins. This space is a delightful blend of vintage Halloween vibes and playful whimsy with soft orange lighting.


The kitchen is a heavy nod to nostalgia with vintage-style pieces from Johanna Parker and dashes of Disney throughout.


This spooky kitchen is a playful homage to the Halloween traditions of yesteryears, bringing that warm feeling of nostalgia into the heart of our home.


Living Room: Vintage Halloween & Whimsical Decor

Continuing the magic from the kitchen, the living room is a whimsical wonderland of vintage Halloween charm with the introduction of spooky elements.


Here, we've created an enchanting atmosphere with Halloween florals that will inspire you to transform your space into a haunted hideaway.


As you explore, you'll notice the addition of more white accents, including our friendly ghosts and lace touches, creating a captivating ambiance alongside the light orange garland.

Homemade spooky florals grace this room, complementing some favorite pieces from Grandin Road, Spirit Halloween, and so much more. I'll be doing a room by room focus post so you can see everything that's displayed!

This room truly captures the essence of whimsy and vintage charm.

Closet: Pink Halloween Glam

Since this is my dedicated space, I’ve gone all out with Pink Halloween Glam. Picture pink decor items with striking black accents - these are pieces that were catching my eye throughout the Code Orange Halloween shopping season, and the cake is especially fun.

Everything has to have a touch of pink to make it into this Halloween glam closet.

The opposite wall showcases pastels and Halloween glam pieces, all beautifully illuminated with soft lighting. This was my opportunity to still incorporate pastel pink, but also bring in some complementing colors.

For a dash of glam, we've adorned the space with elegant, glamorous items that truly make it shine, embracing the spirit of Halloween with a fabulous twist.

Bathroom: Witch House

Prepare to be enchanted as you step into my Witch House-inspired bathroom. This bewitching space draws inspiration from my trip to Salem and my love for Hocus Pocus.

As you explore, you'll find the Sanderson sisters taking center stage in a large portrait, a shrine filled with witch spells atop one of the cabinets, and old photos of witches adorning the walls. Even Beetlejuice and Lidia make an appearance, adding their brand of magic to the mix.

Witchy wall accents, a striking black candelabra, and decor collected from Michaels, Homegoods, TJMaxx, and other enchanting sources transform this space into a bewitching escape.

This bathroom is a delightful journey into the world of witches and enchantment, capturing the essence of Salem and the allure of Hocus Pocus.

Bedroom: Haunted Mansion & Spooky Skellies

My bedroom is the heart of this Halloween home transformation. The main theme of this room is none other than Disney’s Haunted Mansion.

Black candles and accents are thoughtfully incorporated throughout, while spooky essentials like bats on the walls and skeleton accents creates a delightfully eerie atmosphere.

Among the standout additions this year are the Haunted Mansion pieces from Lowes because they really make the theme come alive.

Many of my most cherished pieces find their place in this room, as it embodies the favorite themes I've grown up with. My Department 56 collection holds a special place in my heart, as it's a tradition passed down from my grandmother.

I've added The Haunted Mansion house and accessories, to continue this tradition for generations to come.

Another favorite centerpiece of my bedroom is the skelly shrine, which is filled with some of my favorite pieces. One new one this year that became an instant forever favorite is a gorgeous witch sitting underneath a purple droopy light tree. She was pricy, but so worth it.

The room comes alive with the magic of Halloween, providing us with a cozy and enchanted space to celebrate the season. This bedroom is a tribute to the timeless enchantment of Disney's Haunted Mansion, creating a space that's both nostalgic and captivating.

Our Halloween home makeover is a testament to the creativity, whimsy, and the pure joy that the season brings. Whether you're a fan of vintage charm, glamorous pink, or the world of bewitching witches, there's something here for every Halloween enthusiast. Allow your imagination to roam freely and create your very own spooktacular sanctuary. We invite you to stay tuned for our Halloween blog post series, taking over the Decor section throughout the month of October. Feel free to suggest topics you'd like to see featured.

Happy hauntings!


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